Modi "Elsewhere", 212 Photography Istanbul / Turquie

Vendredi, 1 Octobre 2021 to Lundi, 11 Octobre 2021

"Elsewhere", Israel/Jordan, 2008There are places in which our being has the sensation of unfolding, of living the moment fully, in a feeling of absolute where time seems to expand to infinity. I met such moments before the majestic and powerful landscapes of Israel and Jordan, on the shores of the Dead Sea. The approach to the sensory landscape is inherent in my photographic vision. In the past, I have encountered this type of feeling mainly in front of a sea horizon: facing the Atlantic, or the North Sea/serie «Utopia», or in the encounter with the landscapes of Iceland and Canada/serie «Absolute Nature». The encounter with the desert was a new and profound experience opening to another dimension, the feeling of being, not only in front of a horizon, nor in the middle of a landscape, but truly in the heart of a horizon of sand open on all sides.*Supported by the Institut Français Turquie.